Corporate Partners

The Association of Architecture Organizations and its members reach more than 4.5 million participants each year in communities throughout the United States and beyond, inviting citizens from every walk of life to discover the power of design.
Become an AAO Corporate Partner and help accelerate this growing movement for public engagement.

Why Join?

1. Engage with leaders of both established and emerging architectural organizations.
In local communities across the United States and the world, our network of AAO Member organizations is setting the tone for public sentiment about architecture, urbanism, and culture. We want to bring your voice and talents to this growing conversation. 
2. Extend your firm’s recognition and expertise.
Our year-round communications efforts and in-person events provide you with excellent opportunities to show your support for increased public dialogue on architecture and design, and even opportunities to share your firm’s successes and know-how with our growing membership base.
3. Strengthen a growing and influential sector.
New architecture centers are springing up in communities of all sizes. But expanded physical plants do not ensure public programming success. Your investment in the AAO network helps speed the identification and adoption of best practices by all member organizations, resulting in more sophisticated, better managed programs by our local member institutions.

Friend of AAO

$500 USD
  • Recognition (text credit) in donor honor roll 
  • Invitation to AAO Member events
  • Subscription to the monthly AAO eNews

Corporate Member

$1,000 USD
  • Logo recognition in donor honor roll
  • Discounted registration to AAO Member events and conferences
  • Access to worldwide architectural events at participating AAO Member sites

Corporate Partner

$2,500 USD
  • Prominent recognition as a “Funding Partner” on AAO literature and website homepage
  • Credit as a sponsor of the annual AAO Conference
  • Spotlight on your firm in the AAO eNews
For more information about how to enroll in the Corporate Partners program, please contact Michael Wood, AAO Executive Director – 312.561.2159 or
Note: All Corporate Partner memberships are 100% tax deductible. Membership is 12 months.