2019 Design Matters Conference: Call for Presenters


About the 2019 Design Matters Conference

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Association of Architecture Organizations. As we embark on our second decade of supporting a worldwide dialogue around architecture and design, we will take a moment to reflect on the significant impact architecture organizations have achieved over the past 10 years, as well as consider the road ahead and how our organizations must continue to evolve.

Specifically, we invite you to share your organization’s work and insights on the following topics:

  1. Identify a specific audience or stakeholder with whom your organization has forged a deep connection or achieved a meaningful impact in your community (at some point or for some duration of time over the past 10 years). This could be a community group, a government agency, students or teachers, a specific collection of architects, to cite a few common examples. What has been important about your work together, and how is it instructive to your fellow AAO member organizations?
  2. Most organizations represented at the Design Matters Conference seek to foster civic engagement in the built environment by using models of active learning. Do you have a case study you think is exemplary? Please tell us about it, and how it is instructive to your fellow AAO member organizations.
  3. Is your organization taking effective strides to achieve greater diversity within your own staff/team? How about in terms of the talent and voices represented in your organization’s programming? If you have lessons to share, speak up!
  4. The proliferation of new technology, especially tools for disseminating information and for collecting data, can be overwhelming to almost every single organization that attends the Design Matters Conference. How is your organization dealing with today’s rapid pace of change? Here we welcome external lessons (about engaging your local community) as well as internal lessons (about organizing your own workflow, managing data, and tracking impact).

Speaking at the Design Matters Conference is a great way to help build the capacity of our field. For younger staff members, especially, it can be a terrific professional development opportunity. We invite all to apply to this Open Call, and encourage you to think about how your work could be instructive to others facing similar opportunities and challenges as you and your organization do.

Submit your abstract today!

How Do I Apply?

Complete this application form and submit no later than June 6, 2019. Selected submitters will be contacted by AAO Executive Director Michael Wood later this spring. Multiple submissions will be accepted, should you wish to enter more than one abstract. Please contact us at aao@architecture.org with any questions.