AAO Public Programs and A+DEN Network Meetings

Over the coming weeks, the AAO team will be focusing closely on the topics of digital programming and online content. At this moment while executive directors and management teams must prioritize their own efforts to look after their employees and safeguard their organizations’ business operations as best as possible, we would like to support all remaining staff charged with thinking through the delivery of content and communications to engage their most critical audiences.

We are announcing two upcoming meetings and we strongly encourage that a representative or two from your organization participate. These are support groups, if you will, in what will likely become a series of regularly scheduled info exchanges and general check-ins.


Public Programs Network
Friday, March 27, 11:00am-12:00pm CT


In this meeting, we will take questions from AAO members, probing to see what info and advice is most needed now and to identify who among us is already experimenting with new efforts to engage their audiences online. Who should attend: All staff who develop or help produce public programs, curate exhibitions, or oversee institutional communications.


Architecture and Design Education (A+DEN) Network
Tuesday, March 31, 11:00am-12:00pm CT


In this meeting, we will discuss early challenges encountered in serving students, parents, and teachers in a virtual capacity. Who should attend: All staff who develop, market, and/or facilitate design education programs for youth or teens.


NOTE: These meetings are open to AAO members and friends, and call-in information will be sent after registration.