Belgium inspiration: MSA + Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

Prague Institute for Planning and Development
Exhibition Dates: 
Mar. 07, 2019

MSA MSA is a Brussels based office involved in many kinds of projects, from the design of public space to the elaboration of masterplan for larger territories. In May 2017, MSA has received the MIES AWARD 2017 in the category „emerging architect" for the realization of a small social apartments building localized on a plot to seemed impossible to be built. Benoit Moritz who is co-founder of MSA will be telling us everything about this building and many other realised or unrealised MSA projects. A walk through the urban landscape of Brussels and its metropolitan region.

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh The works of duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh inevitably demand to be framed within architecture or the visual arts, and yet neither of both frameworks are fully satisfactory. Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh met during their architecture training, and have since worked within a more or less classical architectural context. Immediately after their studies, however, they developed a parallel practice in which they employed their technical and theoretical know-how for an experimental research that focuses neither on the ‘user’ nor on the production of autonomous images. The output of that research varies from works in the public space and architectural structures to sculptures and smaller work. Within this undefined area, the duo developed a practice that thematizes the friction between function (architecture) and autonomy (image) in an increasingly emphatic manner, and is centered around the central question: at what point does the daily experience of space turn into an aesthetic one? (text by Koen Sels)

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Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2
12800 Nové Město, Prague
Czech Republic
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