Prague Tomorrow?

Prague Institute for Planning and Development
Exhibition Dates: 
Jan. 08, 2019 to Mar. 19, 2019

Prague Tomorrow? is a series of exhibitions at CAMP that provide visitors an overview of new construction projects that - if realized - will sinificantly change teh face of Prague. These are projects of various sizes in various places in various stages of preparation rangin from initial ideas to plans in the project preparation phase to projects that are today nearing completion. As was the case in the first two installments of this series, the exhibition is not an exhaustive list of all new buidings, but rather a curated selection that emphasizes teh topicality of the information presented and attempts to introduce new construction in the full range of its diversity.

As always we also highlight Prague's transformation areas, i.e. areas in the city that no longer perform their original industrial of transformation function and today remain unused, neglected and polluted. Plans already exist to transform a number of these spaces and some of these plans are slowly, but surely moving towards realization. Such areas comprise 1,466 hectares in total, which is no small figure. For example, Wenceslas Square, teh second larges in Prague, would fit more than 50 times in such an area. For the third time (and probably the last) the exhibition will also include the documentary video "Places That Are Waiting". Thanks to CAMP's unique wide-angle projector, visitors are shown select locations in a manner they have never seen before.

In addition to transformation areas, the new exhibition will look at the city's architectural competitions and results, because they also create modern, quality architecture. 

Thanks to cooperation established during previous exhibitions with investors and architects of projects under preparation, we have been able to make major strides in compiling a comprehensive database of construction plans. This is now newly available at CAMP and online at The database not only contains currently exhibited projects, but also all projects presented during the past year. It will remain available and will continually be updated even after the Prague Tomorrow? series ends. 

The authors of the exhibition thank all the investors, representatives, architects, designers and officials who were willing to share requested information and decided to present their plans for free in this exhibition. 

Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2
12800 Nové Město, Prague
Czech Republic
Posted by Veronika.Brunckova on February 15, 2019 - 6:41am