Executive Vice President

American Institute of Architects, California Council

The American Institute of Architects, California Council, is seeking a highly motivated leader to serve as its next Executive Vice President. The person must have awareness and appreciation for the power of design and the role architects play in shaping the future. Experience working with volunteers, committees, and especially with a Board of Directors, is critical. Strong organizational, fiscal, and staff management experience is required, along with a working knowledge and understanding of public policy and community engagement at the local, state, and national levels.

The position requires considerable public outreach, strategic planning and collaboration, as well as establishing and maintaining coalitions and partnerships with allied individuals, industry, and professional organizations. Knowledge and experience in the nonprofit sector is desirable.  Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Position Description:

The Executive Vice President (EVP) serves as the chief executive officer, recommends and participates in the formulation of new policies, and makes decisions within existing policies as they have been approved by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The EVP plans, organizes, directs, and coordinates the staff, programs, and activities of The American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) to ensure that its goals and objectives are being achieved and member needs are fulfilled. The EVP establishes and maintains internal and external relationships. Further, through effective management, leadership, proactive planning, and programming, the EVP manages the economical and productive performance and constructive growth of the association.

Education: Four (4) year degree in Business Administration, Management, or a field substantially related to design and construction.

Minimum Experience: 10 years in related field.

Relevant Experience:

Administrative: Experience and proven competence in the management and administration of organizations, planning, financial management, and personnel.

Communication/Leadership: The EVP must have excellent communications and leadership skills; the ability to motivate volunteers and staff; and, proven skills in delegation, planning, leadership, and oral presentations. The individual must be able to communicate clearly both as a speaker and as a writer.

Conflict Resolution: The EVP must be able to communicate and work with people at all levels, both in the public and private sectors. The EVP must be able to manage complex situations and issues in a professional manner and to attain consensus whenever possible. The EVP must be able to work well under considerable pressure, and be flexible to opposing viewpoints and opinions.

Knowledge of the Profession, the Design and Construction Industry, and the AIA: The EVP must have particular empathy for the profession of architecture and its value. Knowledge of the design and construction industry is an important asset, as is a sensitivity to, and a strong interest in, architecture and its role in society and the environment.

Programming: Ability to forecast issues and take ideas from the conceptual stages to completion.

Governmental Relations: The EVP must have working knowledge and understanding of regulatory agencies and the California legislature. Knowledge and experience in legislative and regulatory processes and in working with local governmental agencies is highly desirable.

Communications/Public Affairs: The EVP must have a working knowledge of the media, public relations, and public affairs and must be capable of managing such a program.

Sacramento, CA
Due Date: 
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Posted by Mary.Fichtner on June 28, 2017 - 12:08pm