Building Matters Ann Arbor

Building Matters Ann Arbor inspires curiosity about, appreciation of, and agency over our built environment by illuminating and interpreting it. Our people and programs cultivate meaningful connection, civic engagement, and community transformation.

Grounding each program in compassion, empathy, and joy in support of Ann Arbor and passionate pursuit of its brightest futures,
we advocate for beauty, equity, diversity, and sustainability in the areas of architecture, urban planning, and construction,
helping enrich the lives of Ann Arbor’s residents and visitors, learners and leaders.

Ann Arbor is the birthplace of both tight-knit community and radical, far-reaching social change.  In a hundred years, we expect Building Matters Ann Arbor will be central to Ann Arbor's sense of self, helping residents understand themselves better, illuminate a rich landscape for visitors; introducing young and old alike to a new way of experiencing the city; and bridging the gap from consumption of space and buildings to active engagement in them.

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213 South Ashley Street Suite #300
Ann Arbor,, MI 48104
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