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The AAO Network comprises a broad range of expertise for cultivating public interest in architecture and design. Whether it’s meeting the needs of primary and secondary school teachers, cultural tourists, or intellectually curious citizens, AAO Members specialize in creating accessible, high-touch programs that bring the power of design into focus, helping people to see and connect with their communities in new ways.

Think of our Member organizations as unique melting pots for cultural production, mixing the knowledge and vision of leading architects and designers with the programming sensibilities of museum curators, educators, and tourism and special events professionals. See which program specialty fits your area of interest and connect with an AAO Member where you live.

Public Programs

AAO Members give you the inside track to understanding today’s most pressing design issues. Lectures and symposia, architecture festivals, film series, community building events, and more.

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Hundreds of thousands of tourists, locals, and school groups take advantage of tours that showcase a community's architectural treasures and latest urban design innovations. Whether you’re planning a vacation or just exploring your own hometown, get out there and sign up for one of our AAO Members' tours today.

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One of the best ways to understand how the built environment shapes our lives is to attend a program at your local architecture center or design gallery. Visitor engagement is top of mind in devising today’s best architecture exhibitions.

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K-12 Design Education

Developing an understanding of the design process is not just for aspiring architects. Discover how design thinking advances students' college readiness and practical understanding of STEAM subjects (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math). Our Network of design educators can help you get started.

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