AAO Membership

Enrollment in the Association of Architecture Organizations is your passport for locating the most useful information about cultivating public dialogue on architecture and design. Whether you are seeking management basics for steering your new design organization, trying to keep up on the latest public programming trends, or just looking for some recommended readings and free resources, we know you'll find an unusually rich mix of perspectives across our family of members.

We bring together veteran staff and volunteers of architectural organizations and community design centers, architecture and design school faculty, K-12 educators, leaders of historic preservation trusts and design advocacy organizations, professional designers and urban planning experts, and curators from museums with architecture collections, to cite just a few examples, or browse our Member Directory for a more complete look.

AAO Members excel in the creation and delivery of cultural and educational programs for public audiences - everything from architectural tours to exhibitions, publications to festivals, lecture series and symposia to youth outreach and design camps. Taken collectively, our Member organizations conduct public programs that reach an estimated annual audience of 4.5 million children and adult learners.

If you're looking for insights on the most effectives ways to introduce public audiences to design, you've come to the right place. Click the sidebar links to see the Benefits of Membership and learn how you can Join the AAO Network. Specific information on AAO activities can be found in the About section of this website.