AAO Membership

Enrollment in the Association of Architecture Organizations is your passport for locating the most useful information about cultivating public dialogue on architecture and design. Whether you are seeking management basics for steering your new design organization, trying to keep up on the latest public programming trends, or just looking for some recommended readings and free resources, we know you'll find an unusually rich mix of perspectives across our family of members.

The Association of Architecture Organizations is comprised of both organizational and individual members, with organizational dues scaled by budget size. 

So, why join the AAO Network?

Here are a few of the most commonly cited reasons from current AAO Members.

1. Meet funders and global leaders of both established and emerging groups in the public engagement / public interest architecture field.

2. Gain access to a broad network of professionals—individuals who develop and manage programs devoted to engaging local communities in architectural appreciation, design education, and advocacy for the built environment.

3. Promote your organization and broadcast your latest news, job openings, and program sharing opportunities with a targeted network of peer organizations and interested individuals.

4. Receive discounted registration at AAO events and conferences.

5. Receive complimentary subscription to the monthly AAO eNews - the most widely read publication summarizing the programming efforts and impact of nonprofit architectural and design organizations (with over 3,000 subscribers).

How to Enroll or Renew

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