About Us

The Association of Architecture Organizations (AAO) is a member-based network that connects the many organizations around the world dedicated to enhancing public dialogue about architecture and design. We believe the better informed a citizenry is about its built environment, the more mindful it will be in demanding the highest standard in architecture and urban design.

Founded in 2009, AAO currently serves nonprofit architectural organizations and interested individuals in 75 cities across the United States and 10 countries. Members include architecture centers, design professionals, architecture and design schools, educators, historic preservation trusts, design advocacy and urban planning organizations, and museums with architecture collections. Taken collectively, AAO Member organizations conduct public programs that reach an estimated annual audience of 4.5 million children and adult learners.


What We Do



The largest annual event examining the latest issues, trends, and educational programs for enhancing public dialogue about design, urbanism, and culture.

Members Weekend

Annual study trip and retreat for top leaders of nonprofit architectural organizations. Past gatherings have brought us to Cranbrook, Taliesin, and Columbus, Indiana.

AAO Networks (knowledge communities)

Virtual communities for sharing ideas and resources that build the capacity of AAO Member organizations.


The most widely read publication investigating the programming efforts and impact of architectural organizations (over 3,000 subscribers).

Opportunities Board

Central hub for the broadcasting of program opportunities, from traveling exhibitions to job openings, tailored to the needs of nonprofit architectural organizations and partner institutions (e.g., schools of architecture, design competitions, funding organizations).


Online headquarters for the sharing of information among AAO members and individuals interested in public dialogue about architecture and design. Our website includes an interactive Member Directory, news feeds, listings of upcoming architecture exhibitions, discussion groups for members, and a members-only Resources library.

The Association of Architecture Organizations is a registered not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.