Recap of AAO CEO Network Meeting, 10/6/2020

CEO Network Meeting (Video Conference Call)
October 6, 2020

Notes from the Discussion among the directors from 17 AAO member organizations. Meeting hosted by AAO Treasurer Nate Eudaly and AAO Chair Lynn Osmond.

Group Discussion

A number of questions arose during the open discussion portion of the meeting, as the attendees swapped stories and benchmarked their own recent experiences with peers from other cities. Highlights included:

  • Several members were finding success in asking funders to transition their (already committed) project-related gifts to general operations
  • Most members were fortunate that the pandemic hit after they held their major annual fundraisers, or at least had already raised significant dollars toward their overall goals.
  • Some members were beginning to experiment with subscription-based delivery for their programming/original content, web content, and festival-based content; revenue returns were modest, but it was helping sustain member loyalty.
  • Several members voiced serious concern about how they would replace at least one core revenue source in 2021
  • In terms of bright spots, those members who provide K-12 outreach continued to see sustained interest and commitment from the A/C/E industry.

Note: All resources, specific content, and participant list from this meeting are confidential and available to CEO Network participants only. If you are chief executive of an AAO member organization and wish to see the full minutes plus resources, please contact AAO Administrator Mary Fichtner,