Architecture Center Houston and AIA Houston are moving!

Architecture Center Houston and AIA Houston are purchasing a new space in the historic Downtown Houston just steps from the site of the city’s founding at Allen’s Landing. ArCH and AIA Houston hosted a two part competition for local AIA architecture firms to design their new home. A first round jury reviewed 28 entries and short listed 3 firms to interview with a second round jury consisting of both organizations’ boards. Murphy Mears Architects won the competition with a unanimous vote of approval from both boards.

The new home located at 900 Commerce Street will be completed and occupied in two phases. In the first phase a 5400sqft storefront space will be designed and built out within a concrete shell that exists behind the original building façade. The new space will accommodate offices, meeting spaces and a multi function gallery and classroom. ArCH and AIA Houston will also look to restore the façade and historic storefront to as close to original as possible while meeting current codes and mitigating flooding potential. The second phase of the build out will convert an adjacent 2300sqft boiler room building into additional multi function gallery and classroom space. Click here to learn more about this competition and take a virtual tour of the space.

Posted by aao on June 29, 2016 - 8:26am