Online Conference Platform


Click the link below to log into the portal--Please set aside a few extra minutes when logging in for the first time!

Click the blue "LOGIN TO CONFERENFCE" button. When prompted to enter your email, please click "Login in for the First Time."

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you use the email address associated with you Conference registration. You will receive an email required to complete registration; please check your spam folder if you do not immediately see this email.



The Conference platform works best on on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones.

To test your microphone, camera, speakers, browser, hardware and internet connection on this page, please visit in advance of the event. Taking a moment to test your system is essential to having a successful Conference event experience!

In addition, we recommend the following steps:

  • Close all other video applications, as well as memory-intensive programs (especially in Windows 10)
  • Close other browser windows
  • Close other tabs in your browser
  • Connect to the internet using a wired connection (faster and more stable than WiFi)
  • When possible, use your Desktop/Laptop rather than Mobile phone

It's also going to be essential to note browser compatibility:

  • Mac desktop and laptop: Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
  • Windows 10 desktop and laptop: Chrome and Firefox
  • iPhone: Safari
  • Android phones: Chrome



Every Conference attendee will have a personal profile, searchable and viewable by other attendees. We've pre-populated some of your profile for you based on information you provided during registration; however, if you choose, you can log in now to view your profile and add additional content.

Tip: Adding a profile pic is very useful, so colleagues can more easily find you in the Conference platform to say hello! Also, if you include your time zone, the portal agenda and any personal calendar you create will automatically update to your local time.



You can view the Conference schedule on our website, or on the Events tab within the Conference portal once you log in. You can also select sessions and input them into your customizable Conference calendar.



We've built in several opportunities for both structured and open networking. At any point during these open networking sessions, we invite you to create personal meet-ups with your colleagues--you can invite anywhere from 1 to 5 colleagues to join you at your meet-up. Think of it like grabbing coffee in between sessions! You can simply move between tables in the ballroom to chat with others, or you can set up one-on-one or small group meetings via the "Attendee Search" and "Requests" tab.



Over the course of our two days together, we'll be hosting a number of breakout sessions that will allow attendees to engage in smaller groups about the issues that are most important to them. Please take a look at the Conference schedule to review the session options. During the Conference, you'll be given an option to join the session of your choice. Please note that breakout sessions will "sell out" at 50 people, but all will be recorded and available for viewing after the Conference concludes.



If you have any questions or concerns on the platform or the site, feel free to contact the Technology Support Department at, OR by visiting the Tech Support table in the ballroom.